About OMOF

Ann Bishop 

Ann Bishop with her daughter Lauren

Ann Bishop is one of those people you want to help!  Over many years, Ann Bishop’s tireless efforts and results have helped the most needy elderly people in the False Bay area.

50 Quarterly Hampers
After helping Ann with Christmas hampers last year (2016), our eyes were opened to the desperate need of many elderly people in our community. We want to support Ann with these hampers which provide much-needed assistance.  The immediate objective is to increase these hamper deliveries, through the OMOF initiative, to four times a year.

Why the name OMOF?
Most old people are someone’s mother or someone’s father, yet so many are alone with very little support.  Many of them are simply too proud to ask for help and as a consequence the desperation of their circumstances is hidden.  OMOF was a name chosen to remind us all, that these senior citizens are entitled to dignity and compassion.  If you know of such a person who may need to be considered as a beneficiary of the OMOF initiative, rest assured the matter will be handled by Ann with great care and empathy.

Corporate Sponsors
It is the intention of OMOF to motivate sponsors and private individuals to support Ann’s efforts, as this will save Ann valuable time to be even more effective.   With your help, this project can grow and we can identify more elderly people in need in our community.  We will find ways to publicly recognise and thank those that support us both on our website, social media posts and our newsletter.

OMOF Committee;
Ann Bishop
Joan Ross – Chas Everitt Diep River
John Gentz – Chas Everitt Plumstead
Eileen Burnel – Chas Everitt Tokai
Franlize Fourie – Chas Everitt Plumstead
Kristen Levendall – Chas Everitt False Bay 

Convenient Drop-off points for donations are:

Chas Everitt Estate Agents
* Fish Hoek Main Road
Fish Hoek
* 41 Tokai Road
* Park ‘n Shop Centre
Meadowridge / Bergvliet

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