OMOF Was Launched on the 30 March 2017


Ann Bishop with her daughter Lauren

‘Our Mothers Our Fathers’  is a new False Bay initiative that aims to extend logistical support to Ann Bishop’s elderly care efforts.

We at Chas Everitt Cape Town South had the honour of assisting Ann Bishop at the end of last year with her Christmas hampers drive. It was a great success but in the process, our eyes were opened to the substantial need within our community of many elderly people, many who are destitute and many who are very proud and thus find it difficult to ask for help, and as a consequence, the desperation of their circumstances remains hidden.

Our mothers Our Fathers was a name chosen to remind us all, that these senior citizens are entitled to dignity and compassion in their assistance. This is at the heart of how Ann operates. OMOF will support Ann with getting the hamper contents together with the objective of providing the most needy with four hampers a year.  Our website has the details of the dates and what we still need, and this list is updated in real time as donations come in.

If you want to help, just drop off any item/s from the list at either Chas Everitt Fish Hoek (Main Road) or Chas Everitt Tokai (Tokai Road).  Our deadline for the Easter Hamper is this week Thursday.

For more details and to see what items we still need, please go to the ABOUT page on

Or contact Andre de Villiers 083 230 0549