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Our thanks to our regular contributors – our FRIENDS of OMOF

* All Chas Everitt agents at
Fish Hoek, Tokai, Bergvliet and Claremont

STBB Claremont
Doug Bachelor
Denis Picksley
Christine Doyle
Romeu Santana – Studio Santana
Venetia Tresfon
Spar Valyland (Fish Hoek)

Can you volunteer to be an OMOF representative in your company or volunteer as an individual to help OMOF?

If you are motivated to assist OMOF in getting supplies for the hampers, we could certainly do with your help. It will not take a lot of time!

OMOF sponsors do not collect cash, we only collect approved items for the hampers.  (See list) We put these hampers together four times a year.

Logistically it is far easier to achieve objectives if we have regular sponsors who commit to providing a number of the same items to make up the hampers.  Any business that provides 25 or more of an item is credited online as an item sponsor.  The more regular the commitment then the easier this initiative works for everyone.

OMOF will feature those committed to regular donations as sponsors on our website and in our future subscriber mailings.  This can serve as tax deductible (as advertising) for your business!

Featured Friends of OMOF

Westlake SLOGS (Saturday League of Gentlemen Sippers)
Many years ago a few of the Westlake golfers formed an informal group to play golf together on a Saturday morning. Over the years it became more formalised under the guidance of a senior member, Peter Scorey. Upon the sad passing of Peter the group decided to emulate other groups within Westlake and obtain an identity, i.e. a group name. So about 5 or 6 years ago we all put our heads together to decide upon a name. After several weeks of golf and many drinks we became the SLOGS

Our group includes golfers from all walks of life, e.g. academics, entrepreneurs as well as those from Public Service.  Furthermore, The SLOGS is not restricted to a fixed age bracket as we currently have golfers between the ages of 24 and 82.

The SLOGS is a closely knit group sharing in many extra mural activities such as, rugby braais, suppers and an annual golf tour. An important aspect of our golf tours is the Saturday evening auction – a charity is nominated prior to the tour and any funds that the auction generates is donated to that respective charity. Over and above that the SLOGS group look at other charitable initiatives knowing that even a small donation can make a difference. This year we would like to consider OMOF as one of those charities.